Catholic Paranormal Fiction

January 13, 2022

Snow storms are great for writing. So in between making soup and shoveling the driveway I’ve been writing in a new genre – Catholic paranormal fiction.

Paranormal fiction has always been my favorite genre and while it’s a little harder to read in this genre since I’ve returned to the Church I’m happy to say that I’ve come to the conclusion that writing in it is still possible.

There are two main reasons why I came to this decision.

Why Catholic Paranormal Fiction Could Work

Okay. Catholic paranormal fiction isn’t really a genre and probably won’t ever be. But after a lot of prayer and a bit of market research I decided to go for it.

My market research was more on the actual paranormal / angel / demon / fantasy genre. It included reading several books which I talk about here. My takeaway was that, if agnostics can write about angels and demons, Christians should be able to do it too. In theory.

I new I wanted to write the story but I still felt a little unsure. It’s not that I think one more genre fiction ebook is going to make an appreciable difference in our society – because I don’t. But after writing a popular metaphysical blog for seven solid years, I’m firmly committed to NOT doing anymore damage with my writing.

So I decided to see what the Catholic Writer’s Guild had to say on the subject. I was prepared to read the Guild blog or maybe even email someone but I didn’t have to. Because right on there on the home page, was the first book in the list of the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval Recipients, Moonchild Rising – a vampire story.

I went straight to Amazon and bought the ebook because I had to be sure and it’s a great story, exciting, engaging and very original – while at the same time crediting the power of God and His Church, instead of magic. Just like I’m doing in my book.

Why This Matters

So why does this matter? Given the fact that neither Moonchild Rising or my Catholic paranormal novel in process won’t be changing life as we know it?

Because telling stories is not the same thing as lying. Because good fiction, even if it’s pulp fiction, is based, fundamentally, on truth.

And there is something that I know to be true: The idea that magic or the occult is a source of power is an illusion. Because ALL of the power is God’s. And everything the enemy holds out to convince us otherwise is a counterfeit.

I know this because I learned it the hard way. I know it because I fell for the lie. And someday, I probably will finish my testimony and get it into ebook. But for now, I’m going to try telling my truth through story.


You can get Moonchild Rising on amazon at the following Amazon affiliate link: here.

To learn more about the Catholic Writers Guild please check out their website here.

For more on my upcoming novel please see my ebook page.

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