Holistic Wellness & New Age Deception (Video)

December 3, 2021


Is holistic wellness compatible with the Catholic faith?  I believe it can be, with a few caveats.  In this video I chat about holistic wellness, new age deception and a few of the many resources of our Catholic faith.  

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If you'd like to read my take on the difference between holistic and alternative health care, please check out this link:  A Catholic Nurse's Take on Holistic Wellness.

PLEASE NOTE:  I sometimes get a little rattled when I do videos (especially when my pup is barking at me through the door) and make mistakes.  In this one I said hypotension instead of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) TWICE.  I also said "most" toxic medicine is based on herbs which is wrong, wrong, wrong.  I meant to say "some" - which I suspect most people already know.

Hopefully I will get better with this in time!

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