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February 13, 2022

My Experience on YouTube  

I’ve been on YouTube forever. From time to time, over the years, I’d do a video and then post it to my blog. And while I am still doing that I’m beginning to look at my channel as an end in and of itself, too.

This helped me to realize that I needed to develop an overarching theme for my channel. At this point in time that theme has three main focus points: Catholicism, New Age occultism and how these (and related) topics are reflected in the media.

There are other topics that fall under this umbrella, of course. The primary ones that I've been coming across lately are spiritual warfare and traditional Catholicism.

Spiritual warfare was expected, since I’ve been talking about it in the blog for ages, but traditional Catholicism caught me off guard.

Untraditional Me

For me, growing up in the sixties and seventies, the world seemed both mysterious and expansive. The New Age and occult was central to this world view but there were a lot of other things that went along with it, like feminism and leftwing politics and Vatican 2, that I didn’t really question – until recently.

Having originally converted to Catholicism in the 1990s (then left and finally returned two years ago) I have always felt like the Novos Ordo (lit. new order) Mass WAS traditional. And I probably would have gone on thinking that way, if not for my experience during the Latin portion of a webinar deliverance prayer session performed by Catholic exorcist Monsignor Stephen Rossetti.

That webinar helped me realize that Latin is unusually effective in spiritual warfare. Which got me thinking.

I began to wonder why Latin and the Traditional Latin Mass are becoming more and more restricted. I began to look into Traditional Latin Masses (TLM) in my area. I was encouraged when one of my YouTube subscribers shared her experience with TLM and praying in Latin.

Providentially, I learned that there are two TLM churches in my area. One of which I can walk to.

Where I’m at Now

In some ways, I’m still straddling the line between traditionalism and the contemporary worldview. I do not necessarily agree with the traditionalists in every instance. And I’m not completely comfortable with the idea of going to a TLM during the COVID spike that’s plaguing our county.

But I do have a strong interest in tradition. For now I'm studying Latin and learning the Mass and just beginning to consider that I have been more wrong, in more ways, then I expected.  

My prayer for the last several weeks has been to be better conformed to God’s will. And so, with that in mind, I’m not formally committing to anything. But when COVID lets up a bit, I’m going to walk down the street and attend our local TLM and see where that takes me.


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