"Jennifer the Damned" by Karen Ullo

April 21, 2022

Jennifer Carshaw would be an ordinary teenager dealing with ordinary problems - like acne, insecurity and boys - except for one thing.   Jennifer is a vampire.  

A not yet turned vampire orphan, attending Catholic school and living in a convent.  

Because of her vampire nature Jennifer can't take part in the religious life that surrounds her, even though she has always wanted to.  All she really wants is to be normal.

As a character, Jennifer is believable.  It is easy to sympathize with the sense of alienation she feels.  I found myself rooting for her very early on, hoping that she would somehow avoid her fate.  Sadly, however, it is only a matter of time until she takes the next inevitable step.

The remainder of the story focuses on Jennifer's life as a largely sympathetic wolf among the sheep.  

For me, "Jennifer the Damned" was a page turner because I sympathized with and felt invested in Jennifer herself.  I also appreciated the the secondary characters.  The sisters in particular really came alive for me and I found myself smiling at the quirks of their personalities.

Unavoidably, there is violence in this story but it is not gratuitous, in my opinion, and there is no overtly sexual content.  The book itself is very well-written and suspenseful.  It is written by a Catholic author and is, I think, a good choice for Christian readers of this genre.

I picked up the "Jennifer the Damned" after hearing the author speak on a panel on darkness in fiction writing at the Catholic Writer's Guild online conference (more on that in an upcoming post).  And highly recommend the book.


"Jennifer the Damned" is available through Amazon at the following affiliate link.  

To check out the author's website please visit KarenUllo.com

Find out more about the Catholic Writers Guild here.

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