Latin-English Rosary eBooklet Cover

May 7, 2022

This is the cover for my new Latin-English Rosary ebooklet. 

The Latin-English Rosary ebooklet will be an expanded version of my shop's Latin-English Rosary trifold.  The ebooklet will be available for digital download and formatted for Kindle or other ereaders.  I decided to create a second Latin-English Rosary resource because, while people like the trifold, it really only works as a printable.

This will be my next nonfiction project and my first self-published ebook.  Please look for it in my Etsy shop over the summer.

I also wanted to let everyone know that my new 54 Day Novena printable booklet is finished.  I will be listing it in the shop next week! 


If you're interested in the Latin-English Rosary trifold, please click here:  Rosary Trifold

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