Markmaker by Mary Jessica Woods (SciFi Book Review)

September 20, 2022

The Noxxiin people are a society set adrift in space, in a fleet of refuge ships. Tattoos are central to their culture.  And the tattoos inked by the guild artists of the Serix clan are especially significant. Some mark accomplishments, others disgrace. But they always speak the truth.

Or so Mariikel Serix a young, up and coming guild markmaker once believed.

Soon after "Markmaker" opens, however, we learn that Mariikel now suspects that he has given an exile mark to an innocent man. At great personal risk, the young markmaker begins to visit the place of exile, in the depths of the ship, to make amends. 

As we follow him, we begin to learn that there is more to the Noxxiin than meets the eye.

This is the beginning of an epic story about the Noxxiin and their struggle to reclaim their ancestral homeland. But it is also a very personal story about one man coming to terms with a very difficult realization and rising to the challenge that is presented. 

"Markmaker" hooked me immediately and kept me interested from beginning to end. I read it over the course of a single weekend and enjoyed every minute!  

I especially appreciated the complex world of the Noxxiin and the idea that there is more to a culture than what what we see on the surface.  In "Markmaker" I think the point is well made that it is often what's hidden that matters - whether it is what lies under the skin or below deck or just beneath the veneer of a society.

Highly recommended!


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