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  • "New Age To Catholic" is an online version of my personal testimony. It summarizes my occult experience and shares what I've learned about the true nature of the New Age and occult. I also explain how, and why, I returned to my Catholic faith. If you’re looking for more detail on my experience in the occult, please try searching the blog or following my podcast. You can also check out my audio testimonies here on the blog or in the early episodes of the podcast.

  • The last thing fae tracker, Miranda O’Malley, wants to do is repeat the past - and agreeing to let her ex-boyfriend, vampire, Nick Markovich, join in the search for seventeen year old Ashley Clements does not change that fact.  But there is more to Ashley’s disappearance than meets the eye and, as the pair track a murderer through New Boston’s infamous Vampire District, Miranda begins to realize that nothing - past or present - is quite what it seems. 

  • "Paranormal Investigation" is an online account of three key experiences I had as a paranormal investigator. This multi-media article features audio and photos and can be read for free right here on the blog. It's my hope that it will show how and why paranormal investigation may attract demonic forces. For more articles and media on the paranormal and related topics please search the blog. You may also want to search the blog for info on spiritual warfare.